Prof. Dr. Vedat COSKUN


Prof. Vedat Coskun is a Computer Scientist,Academician,Researcher,Author, and Consultant. He is founder and manager of, the pioneer research lab on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology worldwide. He is currently Professor of Software Engineering in Beykent University (Istanbul). He believes on globalisation of science and education. He gave lectures in several universities such as University of Thessaly (Greece), Malardalen University (Sweden), Inholland University (Netherlands), Lublin University of Technology (Poland), and University of Dubrovnik (Croatia).

He is specialized in Near Field Communication (NFC), Mobile Technologies, Electronic / Mobile Payment, Information Security, and Java technology & Android.

He has many publications such as books, journal papers and conference presentations on NFC. He co-authored Near Field Communication: From Theory to Practice, published in 2012 by Wiley; and Professional NFC Application Development for Android, published in 2013 by Wrox. He co-authored A Survey on Near Field Communication. He believes on the importance of combining academic knowledge and education, as well as R & D study and industrial projects for providing higher national and international outcome.